Branché ?


The production Branché ? required access to Facebook in order for audience to interact with the performers. The challenge was to design and set up a network that would allow up to 150 mobile devices to simultenously get a stable internet connection.

More on Branché ? (“Connected?”)

Theatre, contemporary dance, for young audiences (age 10+)

A performance about the (over)utilization of technology, where adolescent spectators are strongly invited to…turn on their cell phones! Facebook enters the mix, computers are available to the public, a guitarist plays live. The three performers are as electrifying as they are melodramatic.

Choreographer: Andrée-Anne Ratthé
Technical direction and light design: Paul Chambers (2012), Jean-François Bernier (2013)

IT integration: Jurjen Barel

Music: Emmanuel Alberola
Interpreters: Corinne Crane-Desmarais, Marie-Joëlle Hadd, Sébastien Provencher

Presented by Tangente at Studio Hydro-Québec of Monument-National, Montreal and by Festival Accès Danse at auditorium Serge Boisvert (Louis-Philippe Paré high school), Châteauguay.


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