The Memory of Water


A week before opening night I was asked to replace the lighting designer. Despite the short time frame, I managed not only to create a lighting plot, I also assisted the set designer to enter his design in an AutoCAD drawing and mounted a system to blow snow and wind through a set of curtains. Furthermore, I’ve operated the lighting and sound during the week of presentations.

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“The funniest drama you’ll ever see!”
Theatre, comedy

Three sisters gather for their mother’s funeral. Each has her memories of her own childhood and this creates conflict, which becomes angry, desperate, poignant and wildly funny.

Playright: Shelagh Stephenson
Director: Corey Castle
Producer: Munirah Amra

Lighting design: Jurjen Barel
Set design: Olivier Donohue
Stage Manager: Nour Sharara

Mary: Ani Shahbazian
Vi: Jéromine Lorre-Déjoie
Teresa: Mylène Dinh-Robic
Catherine: Katherine Cleland / Anaïs Kassardjian
Mike: Milan Duchêne
Frank: Azeddine Kettani

Performed at Théâtre La Chapelle, Montreal.


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