J’entends les murs


In March 2014, creator Ève-Chems De Brouwer was looking for redoing the lights with a new light designer for a new series of presentations in the early summer of 2014. Théâtre La Chapelle recommended me to her for the job. During the production I’ve also assumed the responsibilities of technical direction.

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Theatre, contemporary dance

For years, choreographer Ève-Chems De Brouwer interviewed blind people to attempt to learn the role of vision and of touch in our society. I Hear the Walls explores the ability to live in the dark, to fall in love without ever seeing another person and to learn to move without watching others.

Created and directed by Ève-Chems De Brouwer
Lighting design: Jurjen Barel
Interpreters: Maurice Decelles, Alexandre Demange, Jody Hegel

Presented at Théâtre La Chapelle, Montreal.


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