Inertia: The Space Between


For a second consecutive year, Inertia hired me for the lighting design and technical direction, this time for their show The Space Between.

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Contemporary dance

The Inertia Modern Dance Collective is one of the older on-campus dance groups at McGill University. The Space Between is their showcase featuring 14 dance pieces, all choreographed and danced by its all-female members. Furthermore, there were 11 transitional scenes forming A Play in Transition, based on a text written by artistic director Miya Shaffer.

Choreography and dance: Inertia Modern Dance Collective
Technical direction, lighting and sound: Jurjen Barel
Sound design for A Play in Transition: Chris Edmondson
Vocals for A Play in Transition: Natalia Liconti

Photography: Edmund Chung

Presented at La Chapelle Theatre, Montreal.


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Project details
  • Client: Inertia Modern Dance Collective
  • Date: April 2016

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