During preproduction in 2009, the creative team was in need of a technician to take care of technical direction and operating the lights.

The first performances would take place in a church dating back to 1903, where I was asked to come up with low-budget solutions to operate the temporary lighting installation wirelessly. I’ve also coordinated the adaption to the Hetveem Theatre and operated the lights during those performances.

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Musical theatre

The choir enters the stage, the conductor takes his place – the concert begins, but KOOR isn’t a regular choir concert. KOOR is a concert, KOOR is theatre, KOOR is a musical theatre piece that revolves around a choir with its members questioning their identity, their position, their relations with the other members, group pressure, rituals, politics, love and the binding power of music.

KOOR premiered in November 2009 in Amsterdam.

Stage direction: Isabel Schröder
Composition: Martijn Voorvelt
Music direction: Jeroen Spitteler

Technical direction: Jurjen Barel
Lighting design: Coen Jongsma
Scenography: Udo Thijssen

Production management: Andrea van Wingerden, Maarten Zonnenberg
Production director: Arjen Barel
PR: Melle Kromhout

Created and produced by: TGAurora, Bureau Barel and Hetveem theater.

Presented in church Oranjekerk and Hetveem theater.

Members of the self-willed choir:
Lisette Schenkels
Liduine Thorn
Chrysanth ten Zijthoff
Lize Strydom
Femke Stock
Diete Sybesma
Maike Flick
Astrid Klinkenberg
Janneke Florijn
Els Spreij
Marie-José Jongstra
Janneke van der Putten
Ole van Dongen
Chris Holtslag
Gulian van Nierop
Fako Berkers
Allard Veldman
Daniel Naamani
Johan Statius Muller



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