During the season 2008-2009, the creative team at Toneelgroep Amsterdam (TA), that was staging the piece Zwaargewicht (Heavyweight) for the TA-Junior project, approached me to be the lighting designer for the production.

The challenge was to produce a lighting plan within two weeks before opening night of a piece that was back into creating a new scenario. Also, I’ve operated the lights during the performances.

Some of the central themes of the piece, that I’ve brought forth in my light design, were: the city life, identity, relations with other people and the evolution from the past, through the present, into the future.

More about Zwaargewicht (“Heavyweight”)

Theatre, for young audiences (ages 10+)

You’re born and you die, that you know for sure. But what do you do in the mean while? You eat, think, talk, learn, sleep, work, fight, pray, dance, laugh, cry, hate and fall in love… You and the others, you and the city.

De piece Zwaargewicht is inspired by the film Rocco and His Brothers in which the five brothers Parondi work, box and discover love. They try to each fight for their own place in a city. From the themes of the film, sixteen young citizens of Amsterdam research their place in the here and now, on their way to the future. Alone and together.

Direction: Erik Willems, Maartje Ghijsen
Production manager: Karsten Stouten

Light design: Jurjen Barel
Scenography: Erik Willems, Maartje Ghijsen, Daan Westendorp

Choreography: Bryan Druiventak
Dramaturg: Jelle Verwer
Costumes: Maartje Ghijsen

Cast (students from Berlage Lyceum and Montessori Lyceum Oud-Zuid): Ali Mousi, Charlie Gallego Moyano, Emiel de Graef, Indira Rahimi Mey, Paulo Hetsen, Tania Escalante, Bas Spigt, Carla Pluymen, Jip Vuik, Marthe Oosting, Merel Sligting, Noah van der Meer, Thomas de Weers, Zoë Sabajo.

Presented at the Rozentheater, Amsterdam and during the Festival TamTam at the Toneelgroup Amsterdam Studios, Amsterdam.



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